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***Uh…hey blog…How’ve you been? Yeah… yeah it has been a long time…Yeah, I know I should have wrote before…yeah, I’m sorry… Wait,What?! Whose been saying that?…You know I care about you…Hey!! Don’t you take that tone with me!! No, You don’t control my life…You don’t know all the stuff that’s been going on recently!!…God, why you always have to be so negative and needy I—I just can’t take it!…Yeah, yeah I know…. Right, We said we we’re in this for the long haul…Mhmm…I know, you’re right…Yes, I’ll make sure to write you more often okay…Ok sweetie…Yeah, I’ll make an entry now…okay- I love you ❤ ***

Yeah, so over a month since the last real entry…Oops. Clichéd as it is, I really can not believe how time is flying by- I didn’t know it was the 25th already until my grandma messaged me at exactly 12:01am wishing me a Merry Christmas two months from now (a monthly tradition for years now- She sure got me this time…) I guess that’s how things go when your studying abroad in a country with a pretty sweet culture.

So, since my last “real entry”, I’ve been to quite a few places and done many awesome-tacular things so I’m not even sure where to start. I guess I’ll just list some with some (hopefully short) thoughts…

(EDIT: To break up the walls of text, I put in some pictures- Yay for multimedia!


Oshino- a small, slightly touristy, town semi-near Mt. Fuji. I went with my host family during Silver Week and saw an old, traditional Japanese house, had some huge fish suck food out of my hands (really fun actually), and got to see a whole bunch of nature for my first time since being in Japan. Took a long drive through the mountains and nearly had a heart attack while realizing that my 66 year old host father would kick ass at drifting in Mario Kart…A quite different (and much quieter) experience than my trips to Akihabara (Speaking of…)


Akihabara: The heaven of heavens: The Mecca for all Anime/Manga nerds (aka Me)- It’s pretty much like the rest of Tokyo- Lots of tall buildings and shiny lights but instead of giant signs advertising fashion or music, the 40ft. billboards and TV screens display grossly underclothed anime girls. I went into a ten story anime store and nearly died (lots of these moments it seems) from pure fanboy bliss. I also discovered my new crack rhythm game, Jubeat Ripples (Sort of like full body elite beat agents…) Which I just got back from spending a good $10 on in Kichijoji (And while we’re at it…)


Kichijoji- I know I’ve mentioned it before but I now feel like I know this area of Tokyo the most and it’s still one of my favorites. I went to this bar-like place modeled on English pubs (very appropriately named “The Hub”) and experienced my first drink of alcohol (Moscow Mule) in a public setting (and illegal at that since the drinking age in Japan is 20…). I’ve also discovered some pretty cool arcades and an anime store that, for the sake of my wallet, is very unfortunately easy to get to, and some neat places to eat. I’ve explored the pretty huge Inokashira Park and went to the Ghibli Museum not too far down the street (Now that I’ve mentioned it…)


Ghibli Museum- The Aptly named for museum of all things Studio Ghibli . One of the most playful, fun and easily one of the most interesting museums I’ve ever been to- Got to see some cool, interactive exhibits on how still images are animated, posed with a huge robot statue thing, saw an adorable short movie, and nearly got a concussion on this awesome spiral staircase. I bought cookies there but I lost them somewhere along the way home which makes me super depressed just thinking about it. Going here was a mandatory requirement for my even more depressingly boring “Contemporary Japan: Ramune to Anime” class. We also had to give a presentation on another Japanese event/place so we decided to go and see kabuki…(I think you get the pattern now…)


Kabuki (Thank god for wikipedia to explain this stuff so I don’t have to)- One of the most (*coughonlycough*) legitimately “Japanese’ things I’ve done since coming here. Normal kabuki plays last for upwards of four or five hours so we only saw one act (thankfully). It was difficult coming to smack dab into the middle of the play and being stuck in the nosebleed/peasant section but what we managed to get of the story was pretty interesting. The costumes and music are pretty gorgeous but the whole thing moves at the pace of your average Dora the Explorer episode (Yeah- bad analogy. It’s the only thing I could think of that’s painfully slow at the moment- It’s late okay?!). Very much unlike the craziness of the Kawagoe matsuri…(Time to work those eye muscles again kiddies…)

Kawagoe Matsuri– (Okay, so maybe I did do some other legitimately Japanese things) I went here last week and quickly found out that Matsuris are basically big festivals that give people excuses to eat a ton of food and sweets, sing/dance/play music, drink and have…MASSIVE FLOAT BATTLES!

(Okay so maybe it’s not really a “Battle” per se- Still pretty excellent. Sorry for the horrible video-taking and random moments of no sound- I have to figure out what all that’s about…)

Needless to say, pretty awesome. I had an awesome yakisoba, an even more awesome Dorayaki (that had vanilla on the inside and not that red bean crap), some cotton candy, this weird cinammon sugar sprinkle stick…thing I can’t remember the name of at the moment, and some Burger King (Hey, it was either this or fried octopus or some other scary unknown meat items so I decided to play it safe). Needless to say, It was quite worth the hour+ ride and getting lost multiple times while in the city! Also quite worth the long train ride and also involving far  too much walking was…Tokyo Game Show! (Getting old now, yeah I know…)


Tokyo Game Show- I actually have a semi-coherent, long entry of this already started so I’ll put that up in the near-future…probably. Bummer, right?

Phew. That’ should be most of the place highlights. I’ve also done karaoke a few times now, gone to Shinjuku and Shibuya a few more times, attended some parties, ate way too much food (crepes, pizza, cream puffs, mochi etc.)  and been quite the social butterfly going to parties and such (Which is a pretty big change in my personality honestly- One for the better I think too).

Recently though, the thing eating up most of my time has actually been that little thing that’s actually allowing me to be here: school. Midterms were tough and Japanese kicks my ass on a daily basis; Hard. Super hard- Like, Check Norris roundhouse kick hard (good analogy this time). School’s boring so I won’t go on about it here more but let’s just say I’m glad that the term is over in another three weeks and have already begun to rethink my plans regarding the crazy moon language…

So…Yeah! I’ve definitely been living life and trying to experience as much as I can here in Japanland (Even though I’m hemorrhaging money a bit  a lot…) Always lots more to see and do- Can’t wait to see what’s still in store…

(“Majora’s Mask/ 24/you get the idea” holy crap style)- “8 months remain…”


~ by evokerhythm on October 25, 2009.

One Response to “Living life…”

  1. “Took a long drive through the mountains and nearly had a heart attack while realizing that my 66 year old host father would kick ass at drifting in Mario Kart.”

    I read this as:

    “Took a long drive through the mountains and nearly had a heart attack while realizing that my 66 year old host father would kick ass at drifting and Mario Kart.”

    This is a small difference textually, but a big difference in the imagery it evokes.

    Your Japanese host father, participating in a rucksack revolution. Buming around Japan with nothing but zen buddhism and Mario kart to stay him.

    The people, the mystics, the madmen and lovers and fighters, singing and ranting and raving and playing Mario Kart into the ragged night that drags on forever.

    The Japan where a man has to go find his soul. The Japan where, when the sun goes down, and you sit on the old broken-down pier watching the long, long skies over the ocean, and all the people dreaming of the immensity of it all, and at last, there’s a blue shell, and a drift, and a ‘pop!’ and everyone goes ‘awww.’


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